With a history of over 110 years and associated with luxury kitchens and quality living, Poggenpohl is the first renowned kitchen system in Germany and each piece is an artful creation that speaks of sheer function in today's modern kitchen.


A trusted brand name for more than 40 years, Rational ensures high quality fitted kitchens that have been rigorously tested in every detail, and has devoted itself to consistently develop and produce kitchens by people for people.


Having produced modern fitted kitchens that fulfil the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality, durability and design since 1938, Häcker is the reliable partner of this specialist trade both today and in the future.

La Cornue

With kitchen ranges still only produced to order, and are individually hand-made with patience and pride, La Cornue makes use of modern technology and is forever improving its products. No manufacturing changes made will ever alter their determination to preserve the noble values traditionally associated with handicraft production.


For more than a hundred years, Eggersmann has produced individual tailor-made solutions for aesthetic and luxurious kitchen furniture. Our continuous development is based on research for innovations, the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the fosterage of the traditional craft, creating valuable unique pieces for sophisticated people.


A customised solution offered only to Kitchen Culture's corporate clientele for their project requirements, Pureform represents a service that we are confident will be synonymous with quality, functionality and technology in time.


Founded in 1913, V-ZUG is a remarkable and unique Swiss company with uncompromising commitment to innovation and quality. The difference in V-ZUG: creative like sculptors and meticulous like Swiss watchmakers.


Producing the largest range of freezer refrigerators and multi-temperature wine storages world-wide, Liebherr boasts cutting edge features and winning benefits that are ergonomically designed to guarantee absolute freshness of sundries and perishables while providing optimum cooling for prized wines.


Award winning cooking appliances that indulge your culinary pleasures, Küppersbusch has stood for innovation and tradition for 135 years, using expertise, creative ideas and stimuli to develop trend-setting technologies that set new standards for modern-built in kitchen appliances.

Elica Collection

Design is the unifying element and guiding philosophy of the entire Elica Collection. Universally acclaimed for its radically innovative appearance, Elica Collection transforms a kitchen into a unique and distinctive environment.


A new outlook of the barbecue object. A prestigious design. Perfection in each and every detail. An element around which to create a sophisticated and, at the same time, smooth and informal conviviality. An activity for a total relax, enjoying the regenerating immersion in the nature. An authentic experience by choosing the best only. The art and technology of the steel in a play of style and precision.


An all Italian creation that blends elegant design with advanced technology, Foster's stainless steel sinks guarantee top notch quality and durability. Foster provides the ultimate solution for an impeccable kitchen.


KWC is the leader for luxury kitchen faucets in private and professional fields which successfully combines Swiss innovation with technology, precision and fascination. KWC's premium water performance personified and embodies the traditional values of Swiss craftsmanship, both in their functionality and design.


Today, Fimes has become the point of reference for the bedroom furniture district with their new collection of wardrobes, chests, night closets and walk in closets.


The range of Interlübke products include beds, cabinets, room dividers, shelf systems, and wardrobes with designs that are simple, soft, pleasant and tailored perfectly to every room.


Purity in its purest form, COR designed the world's first modular furniture system, which gives its customers free reign to put together many basic parts and pieces for their unique needs.


High-quality design furniture that is developed and individually crafted using 150 natural stones with seven avenues of colour, Draenert is world renowned for designer furniture, traditional craftsmanship, quality and first-class workmanship.


Giving a new life to the game foosball, Teckell introduces an elegant design piece in our formal living spaces which is characterised by its pure design and essential forms, its crystal transparency, and its elegant statuettes in aluminum.


KFF aims to provide characteristic, high quality, comfortable designer seating solutions for everyone all over the world that has a taste for modern furniture being in a domestic or a commercial setting made in Lemgo Germany. It represents more than 25 years of distinct design, very high standards regarding quality where comfort, materials and workmanship is concerned, as well as the acknowledgement of Germany as its manufacturing location. These criteria, together with being open to new products, entrepreneurial flexibility, a feel for timeless design, characterize the successful development of the business founded by Karl Friedrich Förster in 1984.


The successful combination of design, quality and practicality makes seating of Artanova so special. It is manufactured in Switzerland and it designs and produces passionate upholstered furniture, which are intended for people who give no chance of mediocrity. Artanova's team of designers and experts use their experience and awareness of good craft without reservation every day.
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